Caroline Jaffe

Caroline earned her Ph.D. in the Responsive Environments group at the MIT Media Lab in 2022. With interests in agriculture, climate change, and technology, the goal of her research was to develop creative and thoughtful data-based tools to support regenerative food systems, motivate sustainable human behavior, and mitigate climate change. Her dissertation, conducted in collaboration with the Living Observatory community, united climate modeling, satellite and sensor data fusion, and structured stakeholder interviews to analyze the environmental and economic impacts of land use in the Massachusetts cranberry industry. She was also involved with sustainability efforts at the Media Lab, including leading a carbon offsets pilot, conducting a department sustainability audit, and forming a climate-focused working group.

Caroline earned her S.M. from the Media Lab in 2017, and graduated from Yale in 2013 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She spent a year in the Netherlands on a Fulbright fellowship and a year working at Fitbit as a software engineer before coming to the Media Lab.


MIT Media Lab
Research Assistant