Monitoring Biological Responses to restoration: temporal and spatial shifts in the community structure of amphibians and reptiles in restored and retired cranberry bogs.

Coverboard based survey for woodland herps

Surveying artificial cover objects to document woodland salamanders at Tidmarsh wildlife sanctuary. Bridgewater State undergrad research students, from left to right, Summer Saad, Matt Potvin, and Kevin Cross

Surveying for Woodland salamanders at Tidmarsh Mass Audubon Sanctuary. Bridgewater State biology undergrad research students (Surasinghe Lab), from left to right: Summer Saad, Mat Potvin, Kevin Cross.

A ring necked snake found during the coverboard surveys at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary, Plymouth (Oct 2022).

We installed artificial coverboards to monitor woodland amphibians and reptiles (Sept 2022, Tidmarsh Mass Audubon Sanctuary, Plymouth).

By Thilina D. Suransinghe
October 11, 2022