Eel River Headwaters

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The Eel River Headwaters Restoration Project was the first ecological restoration of cranberry farmland in Massachusetts. Led by the Town of Plymouth, the project involved 60 acres of conservation land, including 40 acres of former cranberry bogs and another 20 acres of conservation land. The project rebuilt 8,000 feet of stream channel, removed several berms and dams including a 15-foot historic stone dam (the Saw Mill Dam,) replaced one undersized culvert, and placed over 1,000 large wood pieces in the stream channel and across the growing surface to provide fish and wildlife habitat. 17,000 three-to-four-year old Atlantic white cedars were planted in the headwaters area. Managed by the Town as public open space, the Eel River Preserve connects to the 68-acre Russell Pond Conservation Area. Together these conserved properties provide hikers with extensive and varied trail networks.


Town of Plymouth, MA
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