Quantifying Nutrient Transport and Transformation in Stream Channels Associated with Active, Retired, and Restored Cranberry Farms

Recent Updates

Surveying Restored Wetlands and Streams to Inform Research on Ecosystem Function

By Molly Welsh on January 25, 2024
As part of an ongoing project to assess changes in ecosystem structure and function following wetland restoration, scientists from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) have been measuring water chemistry, streamflow, water storage, and topography at a range of active cranberry farms and those that have been retired and converted into wetlands. As part of these assessments, post-restoration surveying has been conducted at two sites, Manomet Brook and Eel River.

Scientists Measure Flow in Streams Associated with Cranberry Farms and Constructed Wetlands

By Molly Welsh on July 13, 2023
Regular flow measurements are completed by scientists, postdoctoral research associates, and research technicians from the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service and the University of Massachusetts Cranberry Research Station in streams associated with active cranberry farms, retired cranberry farms, and former cranberry farms that have been converted to wetland systems.


Casey Kennedy
Molly Welsh