Ecological Restoration Masterclass: Engaging, Educating, and Connecting Diverse Stakeholders

This project involves research and development of a web-based education program designed to help stakeholders learn about wetland restoration in a way that is relevant to them. The primary goal of the restoration masterclass is to blend findings from the latest research with voices from a variety of perspectives and expertise to help people from a range of backgrounds learn what ecological restoration is, how and why we do it, and what we can expect after a site is restored. The program will include specific guidance to help landowners evaluate their options after farm retirement, including an action plan and connections for pursuing ecological restoration. In short, the restoration masterclass will weave voices together with current research findings on the science, practice, economics, and policy of cranberry farm restoration, to create a curriculum that is widely accessible, engaging, and useful.


Kate Ballantine
Co-Principal Investigator
Jason Andras
Co-Principal Investigator
Glorianna Davenport