Glorianna Davenport

Glorianna is co-founder (with Alex Hackman and Hyun Yeul Lee) and current president of Living Observatory (LO), a public-interest learning collaborative. She is a trustee of Tidmarsh Farms, was an advocate for the conservation and restoration of the farm, and participated as the owner's representative in that restoration, the largest wetland restoration in Massachusetts. Davenport grew 8,000 Atlantic white cedar and 30,000 native trees, shrubs and fobs for that project. Through LO, Glorianna seeks to positively impact the state of the planet, encourage the wetland restoration of former cranberry farmland, and develop experiences to enhance public wonder and understanding of wetland ecology.

Research questions:

  • How do we grow a community of learners who are interested in measuring, documenting, and sharing the arc of change that occurs following the wetland restoration of former cranberry farmland?
  • How can we assess and value the impact that wetland restoration of former cranberry farmland has on the development of more resilient landscapes?
  • How can we better integrate scientific data with media in order to document, weave, and share stories about the arc of change?

More about Glorianna

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