Brian Mayton

Brian Mayton works with Living Observatory to develop new technologies and systems for tracking, sharing, and learning from the arc of change on restored wetlands. He graduated from the MIT Media Lab in 2020. In his Ph.D., he designed, built, and deployed a large-scale low-power sensor network at Tidmarsh, and explored how sensor data combined with rich audio and video streams can help us learn from and enjoy our wetlands.

Research Questions

  • How can sensor networks serve the multiple roles of providing long-term data for ecological research to improve the practice of wetland restoration, as well as a tool for artistic expression and the creation of novel experiences to effectively engage visitors and the public? (I explore this question in depth in my Ph.D. dissertation).
  • What kinds of tools can Living Observatory provide to facilitate collaboration, data sharing, and outreach to the public among a diverse group of projects and researchers?

More About Brian


Brian Mayton. Sensor Networks for Experience and Ecology, Ph.D. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, September 2020.
Clement Duhart, Gershon Dublon, Brian Mayton, et al. Deep Learning Locally Trained Wildlife Sensing in Real Acoustic Wetland Environment,” Advances in Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems. SIRS 2018. Communications in Computer and Information Science, Singapore, January 2019. DOI:
Living Observatory
Sensor Network Specialist
MIT Media Lab
Research Affiliate, Alumni