Growing Atlantic White Cedars for Wetland Restoration Sites

Winterizing the nursery

The past two weeks, Moses has been helping me winterize the nursery. Tasks include putting pots in pans of water so the roots of the AWC potted trees stay moist, cleaning the plastic ends and cover rolls on the greenhouse, putting up a snow fence, wrapping the groups of larger AWC that are growing up by the house to protect them from the intense sun and drying winds of spring that can be destructive prior to leaf out of the river birches.

The snow fence with the greenhouse behind; the AWC snuggled into the greenhouse for the winter.

Moises also repaired the plastic covering that is stretched tight to enclose the greenhouse. For some reason, we are not sure why, in the late summer and fall a murder of crows repeatedly attack the plastic that covers the greenhouse. We think they might be curious and want to explore all the green, they see through the plastic. Whatever drives them, they are vicious. Last week alone Moises applied 217 separate patches!

During this period we also inventory the AWC. Currently we have 470 3-5 year old trees that are looking for a home. We have about 500 trees that will be ready for planting next fall, and over 500 seedlings.

Two groups of AWC are wrapped for the winter

By Glorianna Davenport
December 10, 2023