Volunteer River Herring Monitoring at Beaver Dam Brook and Manomet Brook

2024 Herring Count Training Dates!

By Kimberly Snyder on February 27, 2024
That time of year is here again! Herring count trainings have been scheduled for our new and returning volunteers!

2023 Herring Count Results Are In!

By Sara P. Grady on October 31, 2023
The data from 2023 have been compiled and Mass. Division of Marine Fisheries has provided us with a population estimate of ~2,390. This is the highest population estimate thus far, although close to the estimate of ~2,246 in 2019. All the fish were seen at Tidmarsh #2. This was a welcome increase in abundance after multiple years across SE Massachusetts with low counts. Similar recoveries were seen at other South Shore runs including Pembroke's Herring Brook (up to ~190,000 after an estimate of ~5,800 in 2022) and Plymouth's Town Brook (~277,000 up from ~169,000 in 2022).

They are still coming

By Glorianna Davenport on May 14, 2023
Several counters have now experienced the surprise and excitement of suddenly seeing fish moving quickly upstream. Thanks to everyone, we are hoping for a good count this year. As everyone knows there are other perks about visiting Tidmarsh on a regular schedule. James Pike captured this image following a count and a short shower on Thursday, May 11.

Herring have been seen and counted

By Glorianna Davenport on April 23, 2023
Water in Beaver Dam Brook today was a little cooler than optimum, but never the less 2 herring were counted swimming upstream. The 8 foot + tide this morning likely helped send them along. Morning tides through Wednesday are in the 8 foot range. They are then a little lower until early May. May 6 and 11, we get 9 foot + tides which could bode well. Keep the faith and keep counting. You can check the tides here If you are curious about other herring runs, you can check out Town Brook via their

The herring count season has begun; still waiting for the fish to run

By Glorianna Davenport on April 4, 2023
April is here. Volunteering for the herring count provides a great opportunity to watch spring as it arrives at the Tidmarsh Sanctuary. On your way to and from the count sites, enjoy bluebird sightings in the meadow, the leafing out of skunk cabbage and wetland shrubs, and the red glow of the maple swamp in flower. When you are doing your count, stay alert as the fish when they come can appear suddenly. Don't forget to record your data on EpiCollect and enter it in the notebook provided at the site. Also enter your volunteer hours and the new, very easy to use volunteer site.

Tidmarsh Herring Count Project Trainings

By Glorianna Davenport on February 28, 2023 (updated March 25, 2023)
Fish counting for 2023 will begin soon. Sign up for a training session.